Saturday, May 25, 2013

Weird Lyme Pics

When Life Hands You Lyme.... You have to learn to swallow your pride and be able to laugh at yourself. Here is a compilation of weird side effects from Lyme treatment I have taken pictures of. I will be adding more soon, pride allowing.

"Pregnancy Belly"

Last year after starting my first protocol I started gaining weight like crazy. I usually weigh between 115-120 and am 5'2. Here are some pictures of my 'baby bump'...I couldn't go anywhere without someone asking me when I was due. 
This picture is when I was around 130, but within a month I was over 140.


This had happened to me several times before I was diagnosed with Lyme (not to such an extent), and my favorite medical explination from a doctor was the official diagnosis of a "beer gut." When I told the doctor that I do not drink he just rolled his eyes and laughed. And then had me take a pregnancy test and sent me away from his office with the advice of "cutting down on the drinking." 

A few months later, I was back down to my usual weight. It turns out I was retaining fluid <not water> and my abdominal muscles were pulled apart during 3 laproscopic surgeries to my abdomen. This gap in the muscles let the fluid leak into my stomach and made me look like an extremely pregnant person.

 But it did not stop there...due to muscle deterioration and loss of appetite, I am currently down to 105 lbs. That is a 30-40 pound swing within 4 months or so. So now I am working on gaining weight. I went from people assuming I was pregnant to people assuming I am anorexic. Treatment is a roller coaster and takes a toll on your body!

"Skin Irritations"

These pictures are of skin irritations that have occurred during treatment. There are many more, I just have not taken pictures of any others. I will add as they show up on me. 


Thrush Caused by Candida (Duck Lips)

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